Technology can be a powerful tool for helping teachers with many facets of their job by enhancing instruction, simplifying administrative tasks, and fostering professional growth activities. At the center of effective use of instructional technology is the teacher. Coastal Plains Education Charter High School is committed to the concept that technology professional development for teachers will ultimately impact the achievement of students. A network of technicians and informed administrators are required to assist and compliment the efforts of teachers. Technology is the link for Coastal Plains Education Charter High School students to the world and provides the sophisticated level of connectivity required to transmit administrative data. A well-trained cadre of teachers, administrators and technicians are a necessity. The major goal of our technology plan is to secure the hardware/software and develop the human resources required to make every student a successful and productive citizen of the information age.

Technology Personnel

Director of Instructional Technology

Lila Joiner
Regional Instructional Technology Assistant

Shawn Morelan
Regional Technician

Shalah Hendrix
Technology Support - Bulloch Site

Marcia Moore
Technology Support - Camden Site

Allen Lanier
Technology Support - Candler Site

Shay Byrd
Technology Support - Coffee Site

Cole Kelly
Technology Support - Colquitt Site

Jared Duvall and Ronald Myers
Technology Support - Evans Site

Shawn Morelan
Technology Support - Glynn Site

Sherry Jones
Technology Support - Grady Site

Technology Support - Jeff Davis Site

Jeff Anderson
Technology Support - Liberty Site

Jacob Kovalcin
Technology Support - Long Site

Jeff Harrell
Technology Support - Lowndes Site

Randi Reynolds and Chip Weaver
Technology Support - Screven Site

Paul Graham
Technology Support - Vidalia Site

Technology Support - Wayne Site