Welcome to CPCHS! We are excited that you are enrolling with us!

CPCS offers blended learning, remote learning, credit recovery/credit advancement and CP plus enrollment options. Remote learning enrollment is currently full.

Parents/guardians can register one of the following ways:

1. Online Registration from anywhere with an internet connection (requires an email address)

2. Online Registration via a Kiosk at your local CPCHS Site (does not require an email address) or click Kiosk Link (no email address required)

**A paper application may be downloaded from the link; may be picked up at any CPCHS site (site listing); or may be downloaded from the “Student& Parents tab” application for enrollment.

If you have any questions, please email your local CPCHS Site's Registrar.


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To complete online registration at CPCHS, click below.

Online Registration Link 

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Eligibility to Enroll

Types of registration

How to enroll a new full time student

How to enroll credit recovery/credit advancement student

How to enroll a CP Plus student

How to add a new student if you have a student enrolled and attending already

Enrollment Lottery for 2022-2023