Health Protocols FY22

Health Protocols for 2021-2022

Surveys of the Coastal Plains partner systems provided guidance for the information below.

Temperatures will CONTINUE to be taken upon check in. If any staff or student temperature is above 100 degrees, they will be asked to leave for the night.

Masks will be OPTIONAL at this time. Systems are waiting until later in the summer to determine whether masks will be required for next school year. CPCHS will certainly honor and cooperate with local system decisions, and will communicate the CPCHS protocol in a timely manner. If a system requires masks in the day school, we will honor the same.

Site Directors will share this information with their students and staffs. Receptionists should keep a list of the students or staff who are sent home with temperatures above 100 degrees.

Site closures will be determined on a site-by-site basis reflecting community health concerns.

All visitors will be subject to the same well checks as students and staff before entering. Visitors must wear their own masks if requested by the site.

Site Directors will make decisions on quarantining timelines based on the information they are provided.

The following procedures have been in place and will continue:

  •    Temperature screening when checking in (must be less than 100.4 to attend)
  •        Hand sanitizer is available and encouraged
  •        Students are provided cleaned materials and computers
  •        Classrooms are limited in student numbers determined by the size of the room
  •        Procedural signage is posted throughout the buildings
  •        Restrooms will be available
  •        Social distancing is encouraged when possible
  •        All visitors will be screened upon entry
  •        If masks are used, they will only cover nose and “head covering type mask”
  •        Desks, computers and high touch surfaces will be wiped down regularly

Please contact your site should you have any questions.

Health Protocols 2021-2022