Special Education

Special Education

At Coastal Plains Charter High School, our staff is dedicated to providing students with special education services and 504 protections needed for success.  In accordance with IDEA and the 504 Rehabilitative Act, CPCHS is committed to providing our students a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).    Supports and services are specially designed to meet each individual's unique needs and to prepare them for graduation, employment and independent living. 

For information or help in transferring to CPCHS with an IEP or a 504 plan, contact any one of our staff.

Students with Disabilities, SWD, Director Mary Wildes mary.wildes@coastalplainscharter.org
SWD Assistant  Rita Howard rita.howard@coastalplainscharter.org
Northeast Regional SWD Coordinator Sabrina Woodruff sabrina.woodruff@coastalplainscharter.org

Southeast Regional SWD Coordinator Lynn Turner lynn.turner@coastalplainscharter.org

Southwest Regional SWD Coordinator Donna Brinson 

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